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Hikvision Releases eDVR With eSSD

Hikvision Releases eDVR With eSSD

Hikvision Releases eDVR With eSSD – Hikvision has released its eDVR Series for SMBs with embedded solid-state drive (eSSD) technology delivering a solution that’s compact, durable, and energy-efficient.

Hikvision Releases eDVR

“The eDVR Series is smarter, faster, more durable and more energy efficient than anything that’s gone before, not only helping to minimize negative environmental impacts, but also delivering major energy and cost savings for our customers,” says Wenson Zhou, product director at Hikvision.

Hikvision Releases eDVR

The ultra-low power consumption of chip-level eSSDs makes Hikvision eDVRs more sustainable. Since these devices don’t have spindle motor engines built in, their energy consumption is 45 per cent lower than that of the conventional DVRs. In addition, the use of eSSDs makes the products more durable than conventional DVRs that use HDD drives. This is because there are fewer moving parts, such as actuator arms.

The storage efficiency of eDVR Series is further enhanced by scene adaptive bitrate control technology, which automatically optimises encoding for video footage and improves the coding efficiency by 25 per cent. Specifically, complex scenes with human or vehicle movements are allocated higher bitrates to ensure great video quality. At the same time, low-complexity scenes with little or no movement are assigned a lower bitrate to optimise storage efficiency.

As the eDVRs are embedded with SSDs and have a screwless design, tool-free installation is made possible. Besides, without the traditional horizontal mounting requirements of conventional HDDs, the devices are also easier to assemble and set up. Compared to conventional SSD DVRs, Hikvision’s eDVRs are highly compact, helping to save on space. They can fit anywhere – behind a monitor, under a table, on a bookshelf, or hidden inside a custom stand.

Contact Hikvision distributors in ANZ for local availability.

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