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Openpath Smart Reader Keypad

Openpath Smart Reader Keypad

Openpath smart reader keypad – the Openpath OP-RKP smart keypad reader combines the capabilities of the Openpath Smart Readers while revolutionizing PIN code access.

Designed for ease of use for credentialed users and visitors, this IP65 reader is built to last, with the durable, capacitive touch keypad that prevents wear and tear and spoofing.

This cloud-based device allows remote unlock and PIN-activated lockdown, and it’s backwards compatible with third-party access systems via a mobile gateway. Admin can designate which combination of card, PIN, mobile, or cloud key credentials to use. PIN codes can be automatically generated to simplify the process for routine PIN updates.

Openpath Smart Reader Keypad

The reader supports 125kHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies, and users can choose a single credential type or deploy multi-factor authentication for enhanced security where 2 credentials are required. Prox cards supported include Openpath Prox cards/fobs, HID Prox, Lenel Prox, Openpath DESFire, EV3 and MIFARE/DESFire (CSN).

Openpath Smart Reader Keypad

Communications are fully encrypted communication between mobile app and controller, there’s fully encrypted communication between Openpath key cards and reader, tamper resistant storage and encrypted local PIN storage.

The reader works with the Openpath access control system, including Openpath controllers, cloud management software, and the Openpath mobile app and mobile SDK. It also supports legacy access control systems via a mobile gateway option.

Multi-factor authentication combines PIN code access with any combination of credentials and access methods for secure ease of use and there’s fast and reliable patented triple unlock with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular data. Touchless access supports hands-free wave to unlock, mobile or watch app, tablet, keycards, fobs, and cloud key.

Capacity tracking allows system managers to track occupancy and enforce capacity limits with innovative BLE functionality, while monitoring function offers built-in diagnostic and real-time troubleshooting.

Dimensions for mullion mount are 4.4 x 18.4 x 2.4cm, while the standard bracket on gang box size is 11 x 12 x 1.2cm, and current draw is 0.25A at 12V DC.

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