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How Good Is Your Security Department?

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How Good Is Your Security Department?

How good is your security department – There are a number of questions a security manager can ask in order to establish whether or not their security department is of high quality and likely to remain that way.

First, does the program have good support from senior management? Secondly, does the program have adequate budget to provide appropriate levels of security? And thirdly, is the program given the authority to fulfil its responsibilities?

In many facilities the honest security manager may struggle to answer yes to these 3 questions. Should any answers be in the negative, security managers need to work towards reversing flaws as quickly and effectively as possible.

Other relevant questions include whether the department has strong partnerships with suppliers, retains internal training capability for security and internal staff, has relationships with local law enforcement, has created and continues to update comprehensive procedures relating to the security and safety of its facilities, and is committed to digital transformation.

The presence of an integrated security solution that facilitates ease of site management by bringing together access control, alarms, lifts, automation and CCTV, as well as allowing operators and managers to communicate with all staff across a facility in an emergency, makes security teams more operationally efficient.

How Good Is Your Security Department?

While it’s possible to create such a solution, it’s expensive, so an organisation that has already made that investment will be displaying a culture of safety and security, and a willingness to invest in it.

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