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i-PRO WV-S4576L Panoramic Camera

i-PRO WV-S4576L Panoramic Camera

♦ i-PRO WV-S4576L Panoramic Camera – First Impressions of the i-PRO WV-S4576L panoramic camera centre round the flexibility and power of its 360-degree angle of view combined with a capable suite of analytics.

Distributed locally by BGW Technologies, i-PRO WV-S4576L has a ½-inch 12MP sensor delivering a resolution of 2992 x 2992 pixels at up to 30ips and there’s support from a 14-metre IR array. The lens is relatively slow, with an aperture of F1.9 – perhaps to give best possible depth of field per pixel – and the camera is built to the standards you’d expect in cast alloy and quality poly. It’s rated IP66 against water and dust, IK10 against impact, it’s 50J compliant and has an integrated anti-condensation system.

The camera’s AI processor supports motion detection of people/vehicles, number counting, and congestion detection. It also supports third-party AI applications and meets a variety of AI demands. The data aggregated inside the camera can be displayed on the dashboard used for marketing and business intelligence.

i-PRO WV-S4576L Panoramic Camera

In our application we’ve got the i-PRO WV-S4576L installed under the eaves on the corner of a building with wrap-around verandas. There’s almost no ambient light in this application so the camera is on its own in that regard. There’s also very strong backlight to the North – up to 67,000 lux is measured by the Sekonic light meter at 11am.

A corner installation is almost the perfect application for this camera. The 360-degree scene misses nothing when it comes to situational awareness and there are multiple display options to choose from. The 360-degree hemispheric view certainly gives the greatest detail, but the stacked wide views are far easier from the point of view of live monitoring.

Same as any hemispheric camera, faces and plates need to be within 10-12 metres or so for court admissible recognition, but peering deep into the scene is not really the point of a camera delivering this level of situational awareness – especially one that has the video analytics to make the most of it. The analytics are easy to set up, too.

In the big image up top, you can see just how huge the coverage is, as well as get a sense of the depth of field, which for general monitoring is very good – that line of trees marks the river, which is at least 500 metres from the lens – you note any movement from the bottom corner of the home fence, which is 70 metres from the lens.

Don’t miss the full review of the i-PRO WV-S4576L coming soon to SEN!

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