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ICT Doubles Elevator Capacity

ICT Doubles Elevator Capacity

ICT Doubles Elevator Capacity – ICT has doubled the elevator control of its Protege GX access control and security solution.

ICT’s elevator control allows creation of a smart security solution throughout an entire building by ensuring people are only able to access areas they’re authorized to be in by scanning an access card or mobile credential.

Floor capacity has doubled from 64 to 128 across all 5 of ICT’s elevator integrations. These don’t require any additional licenses or extra programming, outside of simply adding the floors to the system. The upgrade also simplifies programming rear doors in elevators.

Protege GX is an enterprise level integrated access control, intruder detection, and building automation solution with floorplans and powerful reporting functions that scales.

It supports VMS, wireless locking, elevator solutions, visitor management, time and attendance, muster reports, photo ID and much more.

Don’t miss ICT solutions at SecTech Roadshow this May. More news at SEN 


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