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In the Field Axis IP Cameras are Highly Visible

I’ve spent the past few months interviewing for case studies at a range of sites – universities, distribution businesses, a school, government buildings, major retail sites – and while there’s an inherent subjectivity to an observation like this, I can say that when it comes to IP cameras, I’m seeing a lot of Axis Communication gear. Axis has been around a long time and there are now multiple generations of product in the field. The 216 cameras are extremely common – that’s the pre-HD version. What’s nice about the latest cameras – that’s the 720p HD fixed domes and fixed cameras – is that they offer the same form factor with much improved performance. We’re all a bit confused by HD specifications at times but there’s no doubt Axis has nailed it with 720p. At 1280 x 720 and with progressive scan sieving out details to prevent flicker, resolution is way closer to 1080p than the numbers might indicate. Not only that, 720p has higher vertical resolution than 1080p and that makes it superior if you are looking at stuff that moves across a scene – traffic, walkways. Probably the leading high resolution fixed IP camera used in large numbers is the Q1755 from Axis. End users love this camera and it’s more affordable than it could be. Nice work, Axis.


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