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Inner Range Announces Deeper Integration to Mobotix

INNER Range reports that the integration plugin for the Mobotix range of cameras has had significant improvements, as part of the company’s quest to provide customers deeper and more intuitive integrations.

“Mobotix is such a unique product offering a plethora of outstanding video analytics and features all performed at the edge on board the camera,” said Alf Katz, research and development manager at Inner Range.

“We have now provided a deeper integration to Mobotix cameras so that we are able to utilise more of the information coming from the camera and create a more interactive interface between Integriti Pro and the video system.”

According to Katz, with the recent acquisition of Inner Range by the global security giant Anixter, it has become evident that these types of deep integrations to other globally recognised manufacturers will assist in paving the way for Inner Range internationally.

The following features are now incorporated into Inner Range’s Mobotix integration:

* Bi-directional audio streaming alongside the video stream which allows the audio to be listened to through the Integriti software and audio can be sent to the speakers of other Mobotix cameras, directly from the Integriti client allowing an operator to interact with people in proximity of the camera.

* Relay control commands allow the output state of the relays on a supported Mobotix camera to be activated through Integriti Software.

* Camera event monitoring has been added to give the end user the capability to search and review camera events based on event type, for instance, a motion event or a line-crossing event.

“These additions to the integration between Mobotix and Inner Range really start to unleash the power of a very smart range of edge analytic cameras to perform more than just a video function by now providing a very powerful business management tool for the end user,” Katz said.

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