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Inner Range Protecting 2 London Bridge

Integrator, AD Security Systems, has installed an Inner Range solution for real estate services firm, JLL, at 2 London Bridge, overlooking the River Thames.

The 7-storey property comprises multi-tenant office space, while a cocktail and espresso bar, London Grind, occupies the ground floor. The building is close to the world-famous Borough Market, with easy access to mainline rail, underground, and bus services at London Bridge, Blackfriars, Bank, and Monument.

The previous access and security system for 2 London Bridge was old and a new system was needed to keep people and site safe and secure. The new system needed to be intuitive and easy for security guards to operate, as well as being futureproof.

It was important the transition to a new system was as smooth as possible, with very limited downtime so as not to disturb users. The new system needed to be intuitive and easy for security officers to operate, as well as offering ease of access for tenants and property users. The ability to make further changes or improvements to the system easily in the future to extend its lifespan and minimise ongoing running costs was also essential.

AD Security Systems project managed the design, supply, and installation of the access control and security system for 2 London Bridge and carried out all liaison with the property’s management firm, JLL.

Inner Range provided the core access and security management system, Integriti, that enabled AD Security Systems to build the bespoke solution needed at 2 London Bridge. This included installing a new server and software for Integriti’s open protocol platform, which blends robust physical and cyber security. Integriti can integrate with a multitude of third-party products, such as the COMINFO easy gates.

Integriti uses schematics to help security managers see at a glance where an alert is coming from, and acts as a unified platform so operators can control other integrated systems, such as entrance gates, from one place.

Users have MIFARE DESFire EV2 flat key fobs to show at door readers and the COMINFO easy gates at reception for hassle-free access up to 24 hours a day, depending on users’ credentials. Flexible user permissions can accommodate a range of access information, ensuring users can only access authorised areas.

AD Security Systems ensured there was no downtime for tenants and users by undertaking the final cutover after working hours when no one was in the office. Disruption for tenants was also kept to a minimum by AD Security Systems by re-using as much existing cabling as possible, rather than pulling up floors and chasing cables along walls. Meanwhile, new LAN cabling allowed the new Integriti system to run alongside the old one until cutover.

The project involved some tricky engineering work for integrators, especially in confined spaces, such as riser cupboards. The team kept all tenants aware of when and where they would be working, and were able to maintain high-security levels throughout the project.

In addition, because of the age of the previous access control system, user details couldn’t be transferred to Integriti automatically. Instead, AD Security Systems worked with the security team at 2 London Bridge to ensure user details were added to Integriti in an orderly way. Users were separated into groups by floor and invited in turn to collect their new access and security fobs. Their details were added at the same time.

“A D Security Systems managed a challenging project well by running two systems alongside each other and ensuring a very smooth transition, which was essential for our tenants on site,” said James Reeds, facilities manager for JLL.

“We were also impressed with Inner Range’s Integriti system, which our security managers have found straight-forward and intuitive to operate. Because it uses an open protocol, we have the option to extend and enhance the system in future.”

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