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HomeNewsInner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D

Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D

Inner Range Ramps Up R&D Investment.

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Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D Investment.

Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D – Inner Range is intensifying its investments in research and development to support its local and global expansion opportunities and leverage emerging technologies.

To deliver on these opportunities, Inner Range has made 4 key appointments with the responsibilities of driving and navigating its R&D efforts, implementing new technologies and the fulfilment of new market segment opportunities.

Steve Mitchell, director of products, will assume new and expanded responsibilities of defining and actively promoting Inner Range’s complete product strategy, engaging with technology partners, and leading product and technology discussions with internal personnel and external channel partners.

Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D

“Steve has now been with Inner Range for 17 years and has directly contributed and steered many achievements during this time,” said Gabriel Daher, VP & GM of Inner Range.

“Steve’s blend of a commitment to product excellence and a sharp focus on market requirements has been the hallmark of Steve’s successful approach.”

Mitchell has a deep history with Inner Range.

“I started at Inner Range as a work experience kid during uni, graduating a few years later and building up software engineering skills over the years to eventually becoming one of the heads of R&D,” Mitchell explained.

“I’ve had the honour of working on Insight for Concept, large parts of the Integriti software suite, and I created and developed the Inception platform. More recently I’ve been managing our products, ensuring they fit together well with a bigger picture in mind. This holistic view will only expand with my new director of products role, as we design and deliver an exciting future roadmap of Inner Range products and solutions.”

Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D

Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D-at the same time, Darren Jenkins has been appointed as Inner Range’s director of engineering.

“Darren will assume new and expanded responsibilities of leading our growing engineering department,” said Daher. “He will oversee the reorganisation of our engineering department, the introduction of new engineering disciplines and the expansion of our overall team. He will also focus on ensuring we are delivering our product and services on time whilst meeting our high-quality standards.”

“Darren’s broad understanding of engineering disciplines, logical process approach and people management skills have been the hallmark of Darren’s success. In his expanded role he will provide Inner Range a key underpinning of continued growth and success.”

Jenkins also has a long history with Inner Range.

“I joined the team about 13 years ago as a senior firmware engineer where I was a major contributor for the Integriti controller firmware,” Jenkins said. “I also contributed to firmware on most of the Integriti LAN modules and other hardware.

“In this new role I’ll be looking after all the engineering activities of the organization while leading and mentoring the R&D group. I’ll also be focusing on improving R&D processes and technologies to speed up new product development and maintain quality standards. I’m looking forward to working with the whole R&D team to achieve our objectives.”

Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D

According to Daher, an important directional change for the business is to align with the latest IoT technologies and to ensure Inner Range products and solutions are at the forefront of development.

“It is with this key strategy in mind that we have promoted Jason Hartley to a new role as director of IoT Services. Jason will lead our development and implementation of new and exciting IoT technologies. He will continue to manage our Multipath technologies and will be responsible for championing broad service solutions for Inner Range.

“Jason’s contributions to the success of our Multipath business and associated services have been outstanding. His resolve in challenging market conditions, attention to addressing customer requirements and broad experience in the security services market, have been the hallmark of Jason’s success,” Daher said.

“In his new position, Jason will drive new opportunities in the fast-growing IoT market for Inner Range. He will also leverage the efforts and experiences from his work with Multipath to help expand Inner Range’s services offer.”

Hartley has been part of the Inner Range team for 13 years and developed the Multipath-IP business unit, established Inner Range’s cloud infrastructure, and delivered its range of 4G communicators and smartphone apps.

“I have really enjoyed all the challenges my roles have brought as well as interacting with the many great people in our industry including our staff and customers,” Hartley said. “I look forward to the future at Inner Range with this exciting new role that will bring new challenges and amazing advancements in Inner Ranges technology and products.”

Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D
Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D 3

Daher said the Inner Range team was excited to have appointed its first research “Fellow” Brett D’Elton.

“Brett is our director of research fellow and will assume the new responsibilities of leading our research teams,” Daher said. “Brett will lead new technology investigations and research programs, oversee developments of our strategic technology projects, and drive our enhancements in cyber security.

“Brett’s contributions to our internal developments and technology partner integrations have greatly advanced Inner Range’s market leading position. Brett’s attention to quality, wide-ranging domain experience and a keen sense for technology trends, has been a major contributor to the success of Inner Range. He will provide Inner Range with new opportunities in product technologies and lead efforts in the implementation and delivery of advanced technology projects.”

Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D

D’Elton has been working in the commercial IT space for 26 years, including over 17 years at Inner Range.

“More recently I am very proud to have developed the Integriti software suite and being a key contributor to the overall platform’s core architecture,” D’Elton said. “In my new role as director of research fellow, I look forward to driving innovation and seeking out new product and technology opportunities.”

Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D-According to Daher, this highly experienced and accomplished management team will drive significant new product and technology deployments and together with the team, will extend Inner Range’s technology lead in the global security industry.

You can find out more about Inner Range here and read more SEN news here.

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Inner Range Effective Ramps Up R&D 4
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