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Inner Range Releases Class 5 High Security Enclosure

Inner Range’s research and development team have successfully designed and released a new Class 5, High Security Enclosure that complies with the AS/NZS 2201 intruder alarm systems standards and exceeds them in many ways.

The enclosure is built using 1.6mm and 2mm cold-rolled steel, has 7 tamper switch locations, contains a pre-stamped shock sensor location and provides a pre-stamped location which can be used to install a high gain 4G antenna.

To allow for economical customisation the base model is an empty enclosure but with the option to upgrade. Upgrade options include items such as the ASIO evaluated and approved BiLock locking system, additional tamper switches or an addon battery box.

The first major consideration for the R&D team was selecting a material which provides an elevated level of protection against attempts to tamper with the security equipment housed within the enclosure. Cold-rolled steel was chosen to protect against attempts at drilling, cutting or bending the enclosure to gain unauthorised access. The body of the enclosure is fabricated from 2mm cold-rolled steel and the door from 1.6mm cold-rolled steel.  The already strong front door contains a reinforcing brace around the inside edge to prevent access to the internals from the edge of the door.

Early detection of tamper attempts was another major consideration. The enclosure has a total of 7 tamper switch locations available, as well as a pre-stamped shock sensor location. It comes standard with 2 tamper switches for the front door and 2 for the rear, with the option of installing an additional 3 tamper switches on the rear of the enclosure.As there are 5 mounting locations on the rear, you have the option of positioning the tamper switches in different points, making it more difficult to bypass than in a panel with known fixed locations. To further improve protection against tampering, the back of the enclosure is designed to be completely flat to prevent access to the rear tamper switches.

The cabinet can accommodate high security locking systems such as the BiLock locking system which can be pre-installed as an optional extra. The BiLock locking system is compliant with AS4145.2. It has been evaluated and approved by ASIO’s T4 Protective Security as a Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) endorsed product. The enclosure can be fitted with 2 BiLocks, which provide the ability to implement dual key security.

In addition to the elevated level of physical security offered, the cabinet has been designed to ensure quick and easy installation. The modular pre-existing layout for the control boards means there is no need to drill and tap the cold-rolled steel during installation.

To enhance power supply reliability the enclosure allows 2 SMART power supplies to be installed in combination with 36Ah of batteries. With the addition of the optional rear vented battery box which bolts up to the bottom of the main cabinet, the battery capacity can be doubled to 72Ah (requires a second power supply). Battery health is monitored and protected by the SMART power supply with features such as constant current limiting on battery charger output, dynamic battery testing, deep discharge battery protection and battery reverse polarity protection.

The Inner Range SMART power supply also offers high-level monitoring of the power supply status. The high-level monitoring of events is crucial for high security environments as the severity of the power problem needs to be quickly assessed. Rather than communicating a single power fail event, the Inner Range SMART power supply can communicate a list of events such as battery fault, low battery, battery failed test, battery not present, AC power failure and smart fuse tripped.

Primary cable entry is via 4 pre-stamped 32mm knockouts provisioned on the top of the cabinet. A steel plate is mounted under the top knockouts to safeguard against tampering via the top cable entry points.  There are a further 2 pre-stamped 32mm knockouts to facilitate external power to be brought into the cabinet with a further pre-stamped 16mm knockout location which can be used as a mounting point for a 4G high gain antenna.

For more information about this new product, please contact Inner Range here.


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