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Intelligence From Geutebruck

The optical character recognition software reads and recognises characters on other objects as well as number plates on vehicles, and the MultiScope III makes logical responses, for instance switching pictures, triggering alarms or controlling external devices. The system can execute a wide range of automatic functions, including car park access control, vehicle counting, reporting unauthorised entry via LAN/WAN – all tailored to meet your situation. For example with the MultiScope as your fully automatic gatekeeper you can assign time-limited authorisations to individual vehicle registration numbers so that company vehicles are permitted access to a site at any time but delivery vehicles are only allowed in once and only during a particular period. Similarly it can be relied upon to report unauthorised departures and late-comers. The MultiScope III is modular, easy to integrate into existing structures, and offers excellent compatibility with other alarm and access control systems. Connections are provided for control cabling for gates and other electromechanical devices. The ready-loaded ANPR software package provides user friendly operation, evaluation and management even in complex installations, while its customised user interfaces enable easy parameter setting by the user himself. Also modular, this software can be expanded or adapted to meet changing needs at any time. For fast efficient investigation of past events, the search masks in the MultiScope’s GUI let you find particular vehicle or object movements in days, weeks or months of archived video in a matter of seconds.


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