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Iomniscient And Hills Partner Up


Using iOmniscient’s unique intelligent analysis products Hills will now provide a new technology that transforms any existing CCTV installation into a sophisticated intelligent digital security system. Through advanced alarm handling with intelligent exception reporting, Hills will provide a completely automated surveillance solution, bringing highly intelligent digital solutions to otherwise redundant and ineffective CCTV systems. “We have been keeping a very close eye on iOmniscient’s development over the last 5 years,” says Anthony Colicchia, general manager Hills Transmission Solutions.  “The CCTV business is all about timing and given the critical security requirements for Infrastructure, Defense, Aviation and the Public domain, we are very excited with iOmniscient technologies, the synergies between our businesses and importantly the opportunities we will bring to our customers.” Meanwhile, Dr Rustom Kanga, CEO of iOmniscient says: “Hills is a rapidly growing company which specializes in state-of-the-art networking technology. It has great history in integrating new technologies and we believe that adding intelligent surveillance solutions to its portfolio will result in a unique surveillance solution with major benefits for the end-user.” iOmniscient’s Non Motion Detection (NMD) products can accurately operate in crowded scenes despite heavy motion and obscuration and is revolutionizing the way in which surveillance is being performed globally.  Based on Artificial Intelligence, iOmniscient’s range of intelligent video analysis software has been implemented at many sites around the world.



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