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Jack Fuse Auto Door V1 Interface

Jack Fuse Auto Door V1 Interface Upgrade Coming!

Jack Fuse Auto Door V1 Interface Upgrade Coming!

Jack Fuse Auto Door V1 Interface – Jack Fuse Auto Door Interface module (ADI V1 R1.2) for connecting automatic doors to access control and fire systems has a V3 upgrade coming.

The Jack Fuse Auto Door Interface (ADI) V1 is designed to mount in the door head and provides a simplified method of connecting access control and emergency services to any automatic door.

Applications include automatic sliding or swing doors, speed styles and gates, any other automatic door with an interface to a fire and/or access control system, and most modern and older style auto doors.

Jack Fuse Auto Door V1 Interface

The ADI V1 provides several install advantages for fire, access control and auto door technicians as well as lifetime benefits for the door’s owner. It implements a clear division between the different services connecting to an auto door and eliminates the grey area of who is responsible for what that so often causes costly delays in install and break down situations.

Clearly marked terminals allow each individual trade to connect services without the need for everyone to be on site at once, resulting in a faster and less confusing install. Differently coloured indicator LEDs define the status of the interface relays and allow fast and simple fault finding often without even opening the door head, leading to cheaper service costs for owners. Pluggable terminals can be removed to isolate the connections and allow each service to test their part of the system without relying on other service companies.

Jack Fuse Auto Door V1 Interface

The ADI module has 2 clearly marked connectors, one for connection to the auto door controller and the other for interfacing to the emergency and access control services.

The auto door installer is responsible for all connections from the door side of the ADI to the auto door controller and/or options board. This includes any access and emergency outputs and any specified alarm inputs from the door controller (often door locked and door open sensors are used).

Meanwhile, the access control technician will connect the signal from the buildings access control system to the ACS input. The access control system may also monitor the 2 door alarm outputs via on board EOL resistors fitted by the access control technician. In older doors without these alarms, the access control technician may fit their own sensor such as a reed switch.

In most cases, the door will require a failsafe connection to the buildings emergency fire detection and/or evacuation system. The fire technician can connect this signal and an emergency exit break glass to the ADI. The break glass can also easily be connected by the door installer or the access control technician.

It’s also possible for the ADI to be used for interface to almost any type of automatic access control device including gates, speed styles, booms and shutters. The ACS and emergency inputs can also be used as standard interface relays. Some alternative configurations are illustrated here.

For complete install notes, data sheets, more products and technical support for Jack Fuse Auto Door V1 Interface please visit Jack Fuse here contact Jack Fuse for information on the release of the enhanced ADI V3, or you can see more SEN news here.

Jack Fuse Auto Door V1 Interface Specifications:

  • ACS & Fire input voltage 12V or 24V DC
  • Max current via Access and Emergency contacts 5A
  • Max conductor size terminals P1 & P2 1.5mm2 or 14 AWG
  • Mounting Screw on Snap Track
  • Dimensions (with terminals & mounting track) 55 L X 80 W X 33mm H
  • Ordering Code
  • ADI Auto door interface with mounting track.

“Jack Fuse Auto Door V1 Interface Upgrade Coming!”

Jack Fuse Automatic Door Interface 2
Jack Fuse Auto Door V1 Interface 3
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