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Shane Morrisby Appointed Mobotix Product Manager

Shane Morrisby Appointed Mobotix Product Manager For DAS.

Shane Morrisby Appointed Mobotix Product Manager For DAS.

Shane Morrisby appointed Mobotix product manager – Dicker Access and Surveillance (DAS) has affirmed its commitment to German security manufacturer Mobotix by appointing Shane Morrisby as its Mobotix product manager.

Shane Morrisby Appointed Mobotix

Mobotix is best recognised for its multi-module cameras, such as the M73 Professional high-performance range. The M73’s IP66/IK10 housing can take 3 cameras, thermal, IR, or audio modules. The design offers the flexibility to deploy a wide-angle lens, a narrow-angle lens and a thermal camera in the one housing. Mobotix calls the M73 an IoT computer that provides up to 4K UHD resolution, internal DVR, shock sensor, onboard analytics and much more.

“There’s a lot going for Mobotix and its camera offering,” said Shane Morrisby, DAS Mobotix product manager. “The products are of high quality, are very flexible, scalable and cybersecure.

“Apart from the iconic M73 series, you now have the Move range which features traditionally shaped microdomes, domes, full body and hemispheric cameras, all are very well priced and feature models with IR, analytics, IP66 and IK10 protection.

“And let’s not forget the D71 professional domes and the highly flexible S74 high-end multitasking range that allows 4 camera modules to be connected to one camera system equipped with state-of-the-art processors.”

Shane Morrisby Appointed Mobotix Product Manager

Additional aspects worth pointing out about Mobotix cameras according to Morrisby include:

  • Decentralized architecture which eliminates the need for additional hardware or central servers, ensures greater data security, reduces bandwidth requirements, and allows for flexible and scalable installations.
  • Intelligent video analytics to help optimize security operations, enhance situational awareness, and enable proactive incident response. Analytics range from free camera integrated analytics to specialised analytics apps available separately or in bundles such as security, traffic, retail, fire and smoke.
  • NDAA-compliant cybersecurity measures making Mobotix video systems amongst the most secure. Apart from using NDAA-compliant components, Mobotix provides third-party certified end-to-end protection measures as well as networking guides on how to harden video security networks.
  • Longevity and reliability – Mobotix cameras are known to last many years even in the most demanding environments such as glaciers, coastal areas, deserts, industrial environments, high altitude mountains and similar.

“We are thrilled to offer the Mobotix video camera range to our valued customers,” Morrisby said. “Mobotix’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our mission of providing high quality security solutions.

“We are confident that our customers will benefit from the advanced features, unique offering and reliability of German engineered and manufactured Mobotix cameras.”

For more information about Mobotix cameras and to inquire about availability contact Dicker Access and Surveillance here or read more SEN news here.

“Shane Morrisby Appointed Mobotix Product Manager For DAS.”

Shane Morrisby Appointed Mobotix Product Manager
Shane Morrisby Appointed Mobotix Product Manager 2



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