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10 Years Of Integriti

10 Years Of Integriti From Inner Range.

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10 Years Of Integriti From Inner Range.

10 Years Of Integriti – Inner Range’s Integriti, an enterprise grade integrated access, security and video solution, is celebrating over a decade of innovation and success in the global security industry.

The Integriti security platform was conceived by Vin Lopes and Doug Frazer, co-founders of Inner Range, who have been manufacturing access control and security platforms, guided by Lopes, for over 30 years.

10 Years Of Integriti-Integriti was delivered by the company’s experienced R&D team, and the innovative security platform has reinvented what an integrated solution looks like. There are currently over 300 integrations to the Integriti platform, making the Inner Range eco-system of security technology partners one of the largest in the world.

According to Inner Range’s Brett D’Elton, the Inner Range team built the Integriti platform as a ground up new development (both hardware and software), incorporating all the company learned from its predecessor, the Inner Range Concept security solution.

“In addition to building a world class enterprise access and intruder system, this approach gave us the freedom to build a revolutionary ecosystem that has integration with best-in-class adjacencies embedded in its core,” D’Elton said.

Enhanced Supply Chain & Roadmap

A particular challenge for the team during and after the COVID pandemic has been managing parts supply.

According to Quenten Knoll, Inner Range’s vice president of operations, the team worked tirelessly to keep the Integriti platform at the forefront of technology, while ensuring continuity of supply, during what was the most difficult period in history for electronics manufacturers.

“During this period, we have had to restructure our supply chain logistics, and bolster our manufacturing scale within Australia,” Knoll said. “This has ensured that the Integriti product has always remained available to our distribution and customer networks, a result the team is very proud of.”

Careful planning has also contributed to Integriti’s success – the Inner Range product roadmap has been refined and laser-focused under new direction from Gabriel Daher, VP and GM Inner Range.

10 Years Of Integriti 3.jpg LR
10 Years Of Integriti 3

Daher said significant investments have been made to expedite developments to support the global expansion objectives of Inner Range and new emerging technologies will see the company lead the security industry into a new era for entry to enterprise, end-to-end security solutions.

“The Integriti platform is an unparalleled achievement for the Australian security industry,” Daher said. “Never before, or since, have we witnessed the magnitude of advanced functionality, scope of application and degree of integration available in an Australian innovation.

“Integriti is now available worldwide and continues to showcase the remarkable developments that are taking place at Inner Range’s Australia-based development, support and production centres. The team is proud of the significant achievements of the Integriti platform and is hard at work on behalf of our customers to further build on this unique Australian heritage.”

Driving Integriti Success

While the Integriti solution has been successful in all market verticals, its outstanding successes have come from the education and healthcare segments. There have also been significant contributions from Inner Range distributors and security integration companies, which have supported and promoted Integriti to their customers.

10 Years Of Integriti

“Integriti has been given fantastic support from all of our distribution partners, but more specifically CSD in Australia and Atlas Gentech in New Zealand,” said Mark Edwards, snr director – Global Channel Management.

“They have created a great following among security integrators, which have in turn have contributed to our successes by presenting the Inner Range Integriti product to their diverse customer bases – we sincerely thank our distribution partners and SI’s for their continued support of Integriti and Inner Range.”

You can find out more about 10 Years Of Integriti From Inner Range here or read more SEN news here.

“10 Years Of Integriti From Inner Range.”

10 Years Of Integriti 2.JPG LR
10 Years Of Integriti 4
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John Adams
John Adamshttps://sen.news
A professional writer and editor who has been covering the security industry since 1991, John is passionate about clever applications of technology and the fusion of sensing and networking. A capable photographer John enjoys undertaking practical reviews of the latest electronic security systems.


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