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Lakes Security Guarantees Foundation Housing’s CCTV Solution With Helios

LAKES Security has provided Western Australia’s affordable housing provider Foundation Housing a capable video surveillance solution with guaranteed performance using Helios Monitoring Software.

When the failing analogue CCTV system at Foundation Housing’s Hampton Road Lodge was being updated, it was a strict requirement that the new system guarantee 21 days of high quality, verifiable footage at all times, with immediate notification of any technical failure. Lakes Security designed and installed a CCTV and access control system on the premises using MOBOTIX cameras and MOBOTIX door stations, which the team then integrated into the Helios Monitoring platform.

The Helios solution reports on uptime and days of footage stored on every camera installed on a site, as well delivering monitoring via the Helios live interactive web portal.  The system also protects against hacking, cameras being moved, and assists with maintenance, updates, settings and image quality. Helios comes with smart real-time alerts and in-depth scheduled reporting, making it easy to ensure cameras and networks are online 24/7. Plus, advanced reporting options will highlight any ongoing issues, such as regular camera dropouts.

“Helios has made the world’s most reliable camera practically foolproof,” says Jason Brown, operations manager at Lakes Security. “The high definition and placement of cameras allow staff to put together a storyline if an incident has taken place – when we give footage to police or management, it helps them to make a judgment. Without MOBOTIX and Helios, we would never have been able to deliver this project to the client’s needs. Every time there has been an incident, MOBOTIX cameras have been there, guaranteed.”

As well as reporting on uptime and days of footage stored on every camera installed on a site can be monitored via the Helios live interactive web portal.

The platform was originally designed to work with MOBOTIX cameras, offering a more feature-rich experience thanks to their advanced edge management. However, Helios has since been expanded to be compatible with any ONVIF compliant camera and most major ONVIF compliant video management systems.

According to Helios, the solution represents a great opportunity for security resellers to create an ongoing revenue stream by providing their customers with an easy to use and highly effective maintenance solution. It allows security professionals to manage their entire CCTV network from a single dashboard, regardless of camera brand or NVR.


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