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Laser Drone Killer Protects Olympics

Laser Drone Killer Protects Olympics

♦ Laser Drone Killer Protects Olympics – the HELMA-P drone laser defence system will protect the Paris Olympics in 2024.

“The HELMA-P system provides a calibrated response to the drone threat, from dazzling the drone’s observation instruments to the neutralization of a mini or micro drone (up to 55 pounds) by ‘altering its structure’, causing it to fall in a few seconds,” the French Ministry of the Armed Forces ministry said in a statement.

The HELMA-P system can shoot out powerful laser beams that heat up drones to a point where they either burn or overheat and shut down, a French ministry engineer told CNN.

A French defense ministry spokesperson told Reuters the laser beam is a million times more powerful than the one used by QR code readers and will also be used to protect nuclear power plants, military bases and other major events.

Other than shooting lasers, the anti-drone defence system will also include radar and radio frequency sensors to help locate drones. Once identified, the weapon developed has a 1000-metre killing range.

The effectiveness of drones modified to carry weapons or explosives during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shown just how effective consumer drones can be when used as loitering munitions.

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