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Sony Develops Hack Proof Biometric

Sony Develops Hack Proof Biometric

♦ Sony develops hack proof biometric – Sony has developed software that it says can watermark images to guarantee they have not been manipulated by face morphing, a particular issues for face recognition biometric systems that may be compromised by so-called deep fakes.

The in-camera forgery proof photo technology is designed for serious security end users to use in third party applications, but the software is being initially launched in the Alpha 7 IV consumer DSLR camera.

In this application, the software will be used by the camera processor to cryptographically sign each image taken – any pixel modification, tampering, or attempted forgery is detected by the customer’s certificate server, which will cancel the signature.

“It is Sony’s missions to strengthen business solutions with cutting-edge imagery technology and our in-camera digital signing is a real gamechanger for combatting image manipulation and forgery across multiple industries,” said Sony director of Digital Imaging and European Product Marketing Yasuo Baba.

“While appropriate adaptations for each industry need to be made, the digital signature is multilingual and can be used internationally, enabling organisations worldwide to streamline mandatory image signing with Sony technology.”

The technology is suitable for protecting images used for passport issuance, access control, and ID verification and also has applications in law enforcement and other areas where identity must be guaranteed, including medical and financial applications.

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