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Leighton IT Installs Bosch at PMG

Integrator Leighton IT has installed Bosch video, access control and alarm systems in Preston Motors Group’s new warehouse and dealership sites in Melbourne.

PRESTON Motors Group is at the forefront of car sales in Australia. Founded in 1912, it is one of Australia’s longest established and highly-valued motor vehicle retailers. Originally, Prestons Motors Group distributed predominantly Holden vehicles to the drivers of Melbourne. Today, Preston Motors Group sells motor vehicles and spare parts from brands including Hyundai, Suzuki, Holden, Ford and Porsche, throughout its range of dealership sites.

Service area

Earlier this year, the Preston Motors Group began constructing a brand new spare parts distribution warehouse in Dandenong, as well as a new dealership site in Oakleigh. Both the warehouse and dealership will play host to some of the most expensive and highly valuable motor vehicle products. An advanced security system at both sites was of paramount importance. Also, as the sites are newly constructed, a solution covering all areas of security was crucial.


John Leighton, owner of Leighton IT, was charged with sourcing an optimum security solution for the 2 new facilities. Bosch Security Systems was successful in its bid to provide Preston Motors Group with a complete solution covering all 3 electronic security essentials: CCTV, alarm systems, and access control.

Despite the differences between the 2 Preston Motors Group sites, Bosch was able to provide equipment highly tailored to the warehouse and dealership. In terms of CCTV requirements, IP cameras which are able to produce clear images under low lighting conditions were noted as critical by the customer. Bosch FLEXIDOME IP starlight 7000 VR cameras were chosen to cover these CCTV needs.

Service entry

These cameras have excellent low-light performance, boasting a sensitivity of 0.017 lux in colour mode and 0.0057 lux in monochrome mode. In addition, the cameras are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, due to the compact aesthetic design with vandal resistant housing, which was ideal for both the warehouse and distribution site. The mounting options for this camera are numerous, including surface, wall, corner, and suspended-ceiling mounting, which tailored nicely to the various sections in the warehouse and dealership.

Bosch pendant camera

To meet alarm system requirements, Bosch’s Solution 6000 was selected due to its combination of functionality and flexible design. For large applications like the Dandenong warehouse and Oakleigh dealership sites, the Solution 6000 is ideal, as it is powerful enough to handle 144 zones and up to 16 access doors, as well as cater for up to 256 users.

Alarm keypad

In addition, the Solution 6000 has innovative connectivity features, including GSM, SMS, Email, CID, GPRS, CSV IP, SIA 3+ Text, Voice and Domestic Dial communication formats. The built-in high speed connection (RS485 LAN) allows devices to be placed up to 1.2 km away from the control panel, which is extremely convenient for the large Dandenong warehouse.


“The products that I worked with were great, and both sites are performing fantastically”


To cover access control, Bosch AMC2s were selected and installed in the Dandenong warehouse and Oakleigh dealership. These intelligent access controllers can manage between one and eight entrances. In the Preston Motors Group locations, the AMC2s were used for access points including doors, gates, barriers, ID card readers, door opening elements and sensors.

Warehouse 0

The AMC2s allow monitoring of entrances and internal alarm status, as well as implementing authorization checks, PIN codes and reader configurations, plus sending out error, malfunction and alarm messages. All of these functions are essential in ensuring safety and supervising valuable stock.

Access point

“From the word go everything worked so seamlessly,” says Abe Tinginis, sales representative at Bosch Security. “The products work very well in combination, and we are pleased to have provided Preston Motors Group with a whole security package.”

The integrator is pleased with the system as well.

“I am very happy with the way it all went together and the support provided by Bosch Security,” says John Leighton. “The products that I worked with were great, and both sites are performing fantastically.”♦


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