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MAPMINI Modular Access Panel From CSM

“MAPMINI Modular Access Panel From CSM 1 Door Controller.”

MAPMINI Modular Access Panel From CSM 1 Door Controller.

MAPMINI Modular Access Panel From CSM – MAPMINI modular access panel from CSM is a self-contained solution with an embedded web server that supports access control for 1 door and 100,000 users.

The MAPMINI access control features onboard integrated TCP/IP, an event buffer of 10,000 events, unlimited facility codes (FC), 100,000 card capacity with multiple credentials per user and binary Weigand support of any format up to 64 bits.

MAPMINI also offers 37-bit Cansec support, 26-bit support, Corporate 1000 35/48-bit, onboard auto void/validate and a schedule resolution of 1 minute for up to 256 schedules. There are output, shunt and manual shunt schedules if the unit is provisioned as an I/O board.

Other features include low and high 12V DC warning, 2 output points, 1 lock relay and 1 multi-function relay, 2 input points, 1 exit button and 1 door contact button.

The unit is 11.6cm x 8.5cm x 3.5cm deep, weighs 183g, has an operating temperature of 0-60C, requires 12V DC with a max draw of 1A, and has a 5-year warranty.

MAPMINI Modular Access Panel From CSM

For smaller applications, the MAPMINI MAP1 and MAP2 controllers can be provisioned with Webster firmware to create a total access control solution. Just plug the controller into a wired LAN connection and use the web browser on your computer or phone to setup and manage your system. No software to install.

For more complex installs, Cansec’s First Access software provides a powerful yet easy to use platform to manage the whole family of MAP access control panels, which is available in 2 versions.

The free Express version offers basic access control functions, while the Advanced versions is for for more complex applications. Both support up to 1024 readers and 100,000 cards.

First Access Advanced software now support the Cansec MSM app, which allows you to control and manage your system from anywhere.

With MAPMINI you benefit from using the same MAP1 building block for First Access or Webster-supported solutions. One of the biggest benefits is that users can easily move between solutions as their needs change.

If you start with a small Webster-based system and outgrow it, you can easily migrate to First Access. If you no longer require the capacity or functionality of a First Access solution, you can easily downgrade to Webster. According to CSM, no other access control manufacturer can offer this kind of futureproofing.

You can find out more from CSM here or see more SEN news here.

“MAPMINI Modular Access Panel From CSM 1 Door Controller.”

MAPMINI Modular Access Panel From CSM 1 LR
MAPMINI Modular Access Panel From CSM 1 Door Controller.



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