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Milesight UR32 Cellular Router

Milesight UR32 Cellular Router – First Impressions

Milesight UR32 Cellular Router – First Impressions

Milesight UR32 cellular router – SecTech organisers took Milesight’s 4G LTE U32 industrial cellular router on tour this year and deployed the device as its official network in 5 cities. What were our first impressions?

Milesight’s U32 cellular router, supplied to us for testing by LSC, is compact, simple to program via app and browser, robust enough to be dropped onto the floor at the Hordern Pavillion at SecTech Sydney, and proved capable of supporting the front end of the event with 100 per cent up across 5 cities.

Adding a Telstra 4G SIM card and doing some basic programming and a password were the only aspects of setup that required any effort. Once power up, the unit appeared in Wi-Fi search and talked to computers and mobile devices without missing a beat. The unit is low power draw, compact, light, and has a pair of RJ-45 ports that we took advantage of at SecTech to deliver improved performance.

Since the event we’ve used the UR32 relentlessly, including at the SEN office, where bizarre network dropouts continue to plague our service, in a rural application where it outperformed basic phone hotspot by a country mile, on a boat, where it delivered enhanced internet delivery in the challenging valleys of the Hawkesbury River, and in the Abercrombie National Park where it was powered directly from a 12V source and managed to turn an SOS signal into 2 bars of 4G.

Stand by for the full review of Milesight’s U32 in SEN – you can read more about Milesight here and see more SEN news here!

Milesight UR32 Cellular Router Features:

  • Built-in industrial-strength NXP CPU with big memory
  • Dual SIM cards for backup between multiple carriers networking and global 2G/3G/LTE
  • Equipped with Ethernet, I/O, serial port, Wi-Fi, GPS for connecting field assets
  • Embedded Python SDK for secondary development
  • Rugged enclosure optimized for DIN rail or shelf-mount
  • 3-year warranty included.

“Milesight UR32 Cellular Router – First Impressions.”

Milesight UR32 Cellular Router 2
Milesight UR32 Cellular Router 2


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