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Ajax MotionCam From SecuSafe

Ajax MotionCam From SecuSafe Gives Photos On Demand.

Ajax MotionCam From SecuSafe Gives Photos On Demand.

Ajax MotionCam From SecuSafe – Ajax MotionCam Photo On Demand (PhoD) allows owners to check what’s happening at home or office in seconds with just a click of the Ajax app.

Not only does this feature capture a series of photos when motion is detected, but it also provides visual verification based on various alarm event scenarios. With privacy manager settings within the app, only the person the end user gives access to can view the images.

MotionCam is a wireless intrusion sensor with a 4-year battery life that can transmit a 640 x 480-pixel image in under 9 seconds, has a camera with IR support up to 12m, can operate at a distance of 1700m from an Ajax hub, encrypts images and is independent of Wi-Fi. Importantly, the unit is pet immune to 20kg and 50cm in height.

This sensor has a PIR detector with a detection angle of 88.5 degrees and a camera with a viewing angle of 90 degrees, has 3 levels of sensitivity, an installation height of 2.4 metres, is powered by a pair of CR123A 3V lithium batteries, and transmits across Ajax Jeweller wireless in the 915 MHz band using self-adjusting output power and frequency hopping.

The sensor has jamming notification, is tamper-resistant and compatible with SIA and Contact-ID protocols with visual alarm verifications transmitted to the Manitou, ABsistemDC(NG) and SBN CMS and Ajax PRO Desktop app.

The sensor is protected to IP50, has dimensions of 135 x 70 x 60mm and weighs 167g – there’s an external version, too – we’ll write that one up shortly but you can find out more about Ajax sensors from SecuSafe here or read more SEN news here.

“Ajax MotionCam From SecuSafe Gives Photos On Demand.”


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