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Milestone Partnering With Melbourne’s m-View Live Video

Milestone Systems has announced a partnership in Australia with Melbourne’s m-View Live Video (m-View), which specialises in providing live video streaming, 4G body worn cameras, in-car-video systems, and digital evidence management solutions.

The partnership will expand Milestone’s market reach across Australia, with particular focus on law enforcement and essential services requiring mobile video and government sectors. The partnership also allows Milestone Systems to expand their range of situational awareness solutions, a market that is growing exponentially due to the enforcement of Covid-19 safety measures in workplaces and public areas.

“We are excited to partner with m-View, a dynamic local organisation that is innovating and producing an excellent range of complete, end-to-end solutions,” said Milestone’s Brett Hansen. “We enjoy the flexibility and the responsiveness when working with m-View. More importantly, this partnership also allows us to maintain very close ties with the community as development is done locally.”

Milestone will collaborate with m-View on both the company’s vehicle and body-worn camera live streaming solutions, including the latest 4G embedded body camera, each of which provide GPS tracking functionality to end-users – a feature which can be critical during SOS or other situations where the wearer or driver is under duress.

“As a local company, we understand Australian legislation, security and privacy regulations and are able to communicate effectively with local stakeholders,” said Matt Cameron, CEO of m-View. “We have a proven track record of delivering our solutions to Australia’s largest emergency services organisations, which relies on our ability to meet cyber-security and privacy standards.

“We are seeing an increasing demand from customers who need to improve the safety of their front-line personnel. Our body-worn cameras provide the smallest size, best battery life and ease of use in the field. This makes it simple for organisations to quickly start realising the benefits that they bring to safety and situational awareness – the Milestone community can now seamlessly add our body-worn, in-car-video vision into their existing X-Protect systems,” he said.

According to Hansen, video-as-a-Service is a very important element of the security and safety landscape in Australia, and this partnership with m-View ensures that Milestone is engaged with an even broader range of cutting-edge solutions.

“m-View is also well-attuned to privacy and the responsible use of body-worn and live streaming video, which matches Milestone’s very strict compliance with GDPR and data laws globally,” Hansen said. “We look forward to a great long-term partnership across government and other important sectors in Australia.”


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