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Milestone XProtect Smart Client

Milestone XProtect Smart Client

♦ Milestone XProtect Smart Client – Designed for security operators and other daily system users who want to detect and respond to incidents quickly and find and export evidence material, XProtect smart client provides an all-in-one video surveillance tool for any system size.

Interactive multi-layered maps display live video and precise camera locations to provide operators with a graphical system overview and there’s a built-in alarm manager that provides a consolidated overview of incoming security and system alarms for immediate visual verification.

Support for XProtect Smart Wall on select products gives operators immersive visualized situational awareness and enables efficient response coordination, while 2-way audio can potentially deter crimes, provide guidance and instruction, and complement video with an extra layer of information.

Video evidence can be the best witness and XProtect Smart Client delivers advanced, intuitive functions to gather, document and share evidence. An intuitive video timeline provides an easy overview of recordings to simplify the evidence collection process, while centralized Search allows operators to search video, motion, alarms, events, bookmarks and ONVIF-compliant metadata all in one place.

The bookmark function enables operators to mark video sequences of special interest and makes video investigation more efficient, while evidence lock ensures recordings are not deleted prematurely while an investigation is underway. And secure evidence handling includes strong password protection and digital signing to prevent unauthorized access to exported video.

Third-party applications can be integrated seamlessly into the XProtect Smart Client, giving a single point for access and management. Milestone Marketplace allows users to integrate with XProtect-compatible third-party systems, such as access control and video analytics. It’s also possible to add extra value and functionality to video installations with any XProtect add-on products that work out of the box. Meanwhile, virtual joystick control provides easy control of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras from an integrated on-screen window.

XProtect Smart Client’s streamlined interface gives you intuitive functions to manage Milestone installations of any size. Optimal video performance is delivered thanks to hardware accelerated decoding that ensures exceptional viewing performance and video quality. Moving the decoding process from the software to the GPU greatly reduces the load on the CPU, reducing the wear on the Smart Client hardware. The increased capabilities mean users can add 4K and Ultra HD cameras to installations for enhanced image quality and greater detail.

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