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iSTAR Ultra G2 Door Controller

iSTAR Ultra G2 Door Controller

♦ iSTAR Ultra G2 door controller from Johnson Controls is a cyber-hardened network door controller that supports up to 32 readers.

This is a seriously capable solution built using a trusted execution environment (TEE) with advanced network security features that answer the most demanding access control requirements of enterprise and government applications.

Rack mount and wall-mount options provide installation flexibility, while iSTAR Ultra G2’s unique lock power management eliminates the need for separate lock power interface boards. iSTAR Ultra G2 features a hardened Linux kernel for its operating system, improving the security and scalability of the system.

iSTAR Ultra G2 combines support for traditional hard-wired access control doors with support for wireless lock sets, all in the same controller. Up to 32 readers are supported by the iSTAR Ultra G2, which can be comprised of readers from access control modules (ACMs), IP-ACM Ethernet door modules, and/or wireless locksets.

According to Johnson Controls, iSTAR Ultra G2 is ideal for areas that require many readers in close proximity to the panel. For more distributed installations, iSTAR Ultra G2 includes up to 32 RS-485 ports, allowing the installer to run longer distances to each door.

Features of the iSTAR Ultra G2:

* Powerful cyber-hardened network door controller for up to 32 readers
* Trusted execution environment (TEE) provides advanced hardware-based cybersecurity protection
* Hardened Linux embedded OS for improved security and scalability
* Power over Ethernet (PoE) module features PoE+ to power the GCM
* Up to 1M cardholders in local memory
* Dual GigE network ports with IPv6, DHCP and 802.1X support
* Embedded lock power management lowers installation costs
* Advanced controller-to-controller communications for cluster-based anti-passback and I/O logic
* Onboard 256-bit AES network encryption
* Supports OSDP secure channel for encrypted reader communications
* Supports embedded high assurance FICAM operation without third-party hardware.

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