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Axis Supports 2N Solutions

Axis Supports 2N Solutions

♦ Axis supports 2N Solutions – Axis Communications, distributed by DAS, supports 2N products and solutions, including SIP intercoms, answering units, IP access control, 2N cloud services, management SW, and SIP audio.

According to DAS’ Axis product manager, Orlando Chiang, 2N makes its products effortless to integrate and customise – the 2N IP Style intercom has a high IP rating which makes it ideal for larger projects, and it features an array of capabilities that enhance its touch screen function, including name automation and logo inclusions when searching for certain groups.

“The 2N IP Style main unit, one of 2N’s favoured intercoms, is a CE Pro BEST (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) award winner, thanks to its outstanding camera, trendy access control technology and fine-tuned graphical interface,” Chiang said.

“Not only does it team well with Axis solutions, it’s highly resilient – there were no issues after being hit repeatedly with a hockey stick and other blunt objects during testing.”

2N software is built into the unit, which adds efficiency as no additional server is required, and 2N and Axis users can take advantage of the 2N Integration Hub, which supplies key resources and tools for a successful integration.

Learn more about 2N and Axis integrations here.

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