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Smart Card Integrates Biometric

Smart Card Integrates Biometric

♦ Smart card integrates biometric – SES RFID has showed off a new BIOMTX smart card with a fingerprint sensor integrated under a layer of PVC.

Cold lamination technology was used by SES RFID Solutions to put fingerprint biometric sensors into its smart cards after acquiring Jinco Cold Lamination Technologies. The deal, which closed earlier in 2022, allows SES to integrate biometrics to all its BIOMTX card solutions and services.

The BIOMTX cards can be used in physical access control applications with a proximity reader, where the integrated biometric sensors offer another layer of security, but there are wider possibilities in the financial sector.

SES RFID BIOMTX cards operate without a battery, harvesting power from the reader in the same way many fingerprint-enabled cards do. SES has offices and manufacturing plants in Germany, Taiwan and the U.S. and specialises in building solutions for harsh environments.

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