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Mirror Optic 360 Dual PIR

Mirror Optic 360 Dual PIR

♦ Mirror Optic 360 Dual PIR – this ceiling mount 360-degree PIR from Carrier offers 20 metres of coverage in all directions. The sensor features dual optic technology and incorporates 2 independent pyros and a pair of 180-degree mirrors that provide 2 independent fields of view.

Combining 4D signal image processing with the dual mirror optical system, the PIR analyses the size, shape, duration and speed of incoming signals, and adapts the alarm threshold when faced with harsh environments. The 2 separate 180-degree mirror segments provide additional flexibility by enabling one of the mirror segments to be shunted. One half of the coverage pattern is eliminated simply by programming a dip switch located in the back of the sensor’s housing.

Unlike other ceiling-mount PIRs, the PIR’s patented mirror optical system yields 18 solid curtains that cover the room with detection. The curtains emanate from the detector’s ceiling mount position to the floor below and out 30 feet in all directions for maximum coverage at mounting heights up to 16 feet. The DD669’s rotating base allows installers to shift the entire protection pattern by 15-degree in either direction for easier aiming.

The sensor requires a 12V DC power supply with a maximum ripple of 2V, has current consumption of9mA nominal/15mA max. The alarm circuit is a Form C relay rated 50mA @ 28V DC with a 33ohm current limiting resistor in series with the common tamper output being a closed loop switch rated to 100mA @ 28V DC. Operating temperature range is -10 to 55C and the unit is 13.8 x 6.8cm and weighs only 120 grams.

Features of the DD669 include:

* Dual Optic Technology
* A pair of 180-degree mirrors and 2 pyros
* AP Series Adaptive Passive Infrared Technology
* 20m diameter 360 coverage
* 18 full curtains provide superior detection at mounting heights (2.3–4m)
* Head and base style unit adjusts 15° in either direction for easier aiming
* 180-degree shunt provides flexibility to use only one half of the unit’s field of view when necessary.

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