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New Metal Detector 10x Faster

New Metal Detector 10x Faster

♦ New Metal Detector 10x Faster – Athena Security’s Entryway Security solution is a multisensor walk-through metal detector allowing for faster flow of pedestrian traffic.

The Entryway solution features RFID integration that offers accountability by identifying who is passing through, while maintaining a high traffic flow, while access control integrations provide the ability to open or lock doors or a turnstile depending on the situation. Customers can also view and monitor alerts anywhere in the world from their current VMS security system.

The system uses multiple sensors, including a magnetometer, induction, LiDAR, thermal, visual camera and artificial intelligence technologies to detect threats, as well as identity and ignore harmless personal items, allowing pedestrians to walk-through an entry without removing phones, watches, belts, batteries and other personal items.

“Society desires a safe and secure world while avoiding the feeling of entering a jail,” says Athena Security co-founder and president, Lisa Falzone.

“Our new walk-through metal detector overcomes this Catch 22, allowing for the fast flow of traffic into buildings while providing a high level of weapons detection and security screening.

“The system automatically tells the difference between a weapon and a cell phone, keys and watches, eliminating the need to divest items required by legacy metal detectors,” Falzone said. “We see this as a perfect solution for institutions to deter and detect concealed weapons.”

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