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Mobotix Hub Open Video Management Platform

Open video management platform MOBOTIX HUB can integrate all ONVIF-enabled MOBOTIX video systems and more than 10,000 additional cameras and devices at a wide variety of locations worldwide. In addition, the platform maps the constantly growing variety of intelligent video analysis tools and other functions.

While the cameras continue to form the basis of each system, the use of supplementary event and analysis software based on deep learning and artificial intelligence opens up versatile protection, optimisation, and security functions. Workflow, business, and production processes can be made more efficient and secure.

MOBOTIX HUB provides the user with a central node and control point that connects all network components. All video and security systems are easy to control, giving the user the best possible overview. MOBOTIX thus offers its customers – in addition to the MOBOTIX CLOUD and the MOBOTIX ManagementCenter – three video management solutions covering the complete range of requirements, from small applications to the largest, highly security-oriented multi-site projects. In addition, customers using only MOVE cameras can use MOBOTIX MOVE NVR as an integrated storage and management solution.

MOBOTIX HUB integrates all elements of modern video systems – even in highly complex structures and across any number of locations. The platform combines security and analytics cameras, access control systems, security equipment, environmental sensors, software and hardware interfaces to industrial equipment, and much more in a common control and user interface – centralised, transparent, and user-friendly. Through the intelligent use of collected data, MOBOTIX HUB helps to effectively protect people and property and analyse behaviour. It also provides users with new information that can be used to optimise business processes and workflows.

MOBOTIX provides five different levels of the MOBOTIX HUB: from the free L1 system for small, local applications with up to 8 cameras to the MOBOTIX HUB L5, which is suitable for extremely large, enormously security-oriented applications – with an unlimited number of cameras and devices installed at a wide variety of locations worldwide. Flexible access to the video system can be provided via the Mobile, Web, or Desk Client. The Video Wall, accessible for the two most potent levels L4 and L5, provides the user with a completely transparent overview in an all-round control centre.

As an open system with ONVIF compatibility, the video management platform can continuously connect additional video equipment and new techniques. It can independently assign alarms and trigger any functions. MOBOTIX HUB is almost arbitrary expandable and with 3 product updates per year, MOBOTIX ensures that the system is always up-to-date. Cybersecurity measures are constantly being developed and the MOBOTIX HUB VMP software offers a matrix of security mechanisms, along with tiered administrator and user permissions enforced on the server-side, combined with the use of strict IT security procedures.


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