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Mod-2 Catchclip Near Field Detection

After years of testing and refining its product, Mod-2 is now ready to release Catchclip using near field person detection to create a virtual area to protect premises.

“The Mod-2 team has worked closely with Sensatek/Vivotek to utilise their cameras which we believe have the best edge technology person detection at the right price point,” said Mod-2’s Kiren Chua. “We have integrated with BENS alarm monitoring so that the visuals (clips) from triggered events are handled seamlessly in their AMS without requiring any new training or infrastructure changes. The clips are stored and easily retrievable at BENS.”

According to Chua, Catchclip uses blueHub (2nd generation) as a signal transponder for the cameras. BlueHUB communicates directly to BENS and not to a 3rd party server. It can work alongside an NVR if required but is not necessary.

“By using the AI in the cameras, the number of cameras that can be used for a site is not limited as in the case if used with the AI in an NVR,” Chua explained. “NVRs have a limit on the number of cameras that can be used because of its processing power limitations. Our distributed processing approach, using the cameras to do the actual processing and detection, is therefore not limited by a central processing power but the communications infrastructure of the site.

“With the cameras strategically placed, we create virtual areas where any intrusion is quickly detected and a clip processed, encrypted and sent securely upstream to BENS. It is not lineal fence monitoring but areal perimeter monitoring where we create a 2D area where any breach of the area triggers clips sent securely back-to-base. The camera system can be armed and disarmed by groups/areas using the Catchclip App.

“With the building, home or structure virtually surrounded by a vision field for cameras it obviates the need for alarm panels in the dwelling or building itself,” Chua explains. “Intruders will be detected even before they break in into the building. Besides dwellings and buildings, this 2D perimeter monitoring strategy can be used to protect remote stations housing critical equipment such as communications and power equipment. It can also be used to monitor restricted areas like tunnels, construction sites, hazardous areas, etc.

“The question we ask is can this strategy of 2D perimeter protection do away with the need for an alarm panel in a dwelling or building? If so, it will be a real paradigm shift in the thinking of how to protect and monitor a home/building contents by simply securing the perimeter area.”

Developer: Mod-2 Technologies
Contact: +61 2 8745 9800

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