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New Mobotix MX-GPS-Box

Using the known time signature from the MX-GPS-Box allows you to have an verifiably correct time source on your entire network, no matter how flaky your internet connection.
The MX-GPS-Box adds in new location based sensors to the camera, allowing you to trigger events based on entering or leaving a specified area amongst other options. The MX-GPS-Box will also be accessible by API, allowing third parties to use the location in their own apps. Live tracking, route tracking, and access control are all just an integration away.
When mounted in an outdoor location, the MX-GPS-Box can be used as a reliable environment sensor, giving you accurate temperature and illumination details. These functions can be used to more accurately trigger cameras to change exposure settings, adjust other camera settings, or notify someone of out of the ordinary maximums.
Distributor: Mobotix
Contact: +61 2 8507 2000


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