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New Non-Lethal Defence From Mace

Mace’s new advanced product is a sticky gel that has a 10% pepper formulation. The sticky gel can be contained in various sized canisters, and is propelled out of the canister by compressed air.

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The product is a less-than-lethal personal defense device that has the ability to neutralize an assailant from up to 25 feet away. Mace believes that there are no other less-than-lethal personal defense devices on the market, including a stun gun, Taser(R) (1) and similar weapons, with the ability to neutralize an assailant from this distance.

The new product, which will be called Mace Gel(TM) in the civilian market and Pepper Gel(TM) in the law enforcement and military market, has been tested and will be launched into the marketplace this quarter.

Mace’s tests have concluded that its new gel defense device will not be ignited by a stun gun, Taser(R) (1) and similar weapons. This is an important feature for law enforcement and military agencies currently utilizing electronic weapons.

The new product has a unique formulation because it is suspended in a gel instead of a liquid stream. The gel formulation results in several new advantages.

    –  Longer Distance: The new product’s spray distance has

        increased to up to 25 feet. (Conventional aerosol sprays

        travel up to approximately 15 feet in distance. Most Taser(R)

        (1) devices shoot up to 21 feet and two darts must stick into

        an assailant to be effective. Stun guns are only effective at

        an arms-length distance.)

    –  Price: Less expensive than electronic less-than-lethal

        personal defense devices in the marketplace.

    –  Shelf Life: Lasts up to three years. (No batteries are

        necessary. Electronic weapons must be powered by batteries.)

    –  Sticks Like Glue: The gel formula sticks to the face of an

        assailant leaving them temporarily blinded, which allows for

        safe detaining by law enforcement and military officials,

        and/or a safe escape by civilians.

    –  Super Powerful 1.4% Capsaicinoid Concentration (non-toxic):

        The new product is hotter than other pepper sprays on the

        market. The unit is non-toxic and only causes temporary


    –  Non-Flammable: This feature will allow police officers to use

        Pepper Gel(TM) in conjunction with the use of a stun gun,

        Taser(R) (1) and similar weapons.

    –  Less Contaminating: The gel formula is ideal for indoor use

        and minimizes cross-contamination. This is important because

        streaming pepper sprays can contaminate a home, mall,

        hospital, business, prison cell or police car with an

        uncomfortable pepper scent that will take several hours to

        dissipate. The gel formula allows an assailant to be sprayed

        without contaminating the entire area. The pepper scent sticks

        to the affected area as it is suspended in the gel.

    –  Easy Decontamination: The gel allows for easy and quick

        decontamination of an assailant by using soap and water or a

        decontamination spray.


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