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New Reliance XR Available

New Reliance XR Available At DAS Now.

New Reliance XR Available At DAS Now.

New Reliance XR Available – The wait for Aritech’s new Reliance XR alarm panel is over, according to Andrew Zafra, DAS’ Carrier business manager.

The Reliance XR alarm panel combines simplicity, security and backwards compatibility from a single platform. With onboard ethernet that can securely connect to the UltraSync Cloud, installers can keep tabs on installations, connect to central monitoring services, and program or tweak XR alarm systems remotely.

The hybrid panel supports 8 hardwired zones, 16 wireless inputs, 3 programmable outputs (expandable to 32), 4 areas, 40 users, 128 user permissions, 8 key fobs, and up to 16 keypads.

A 4G/Wi-Fi module for added redundancy is optional. End users can also control the alarm system and its notifications with the UltraSync+ app for Android or iOS devices, including arming and disarming the system, set zones, and more.

New Reliance XR Available Now From DAS

“The Reliance XR panel is an industry-leading system that’s as cost-effective as it is easy to operate, and is ideal for various residential and commercial sites,” Zafra said.

“Installers can leverage its many adaptable features and reduce labour costs for changing over to a new system. If you or your team have not yet installed the Reliance XR Series panels and still use legacy Reliance products, DAS has just made available a FREE Reliance XR series self-paced online course – just create a login on the link below.”

DAS is running an introductory offer on select XR Kits throughout August and September – installers can contact the DAS team for details, access the free course here or contact the DAS Carrier team for Reliance XR support. There’s more SEN news here.

“New Reliance XR Available At DAS.”

Reliance XR From DAS
New Reliance XR Available At DAS.


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