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New Things to See at Security 2017 Expo, Sydney!

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SEN Editor John Adams takes a pre-show look at some of the latest security solutions installers and end users will see at Security 2017 at the ICC in Darling Harbour. From integrated solutions, IVA, biometrics, cloud-based systems, the latest and greatest camera technologies – there will be plenty to see in Sydney July 26-28!

THERE will be plenty to see at Security 2017 at Darling Harbour – in fact there will be too much to see and it’s important to get a sense of your bearings before heading into the expo. We’re going to be taking a looking at plenty – some of which will be the latest versions of trusted solutions we know well, while others are going to quirky things we’ve never even heard of before. 

Class 5 systems provide high security protection against sophisticated attacks to intruder alarm system and Gallagher’s Class 5 Intruder Alarm System has been verified by an independent test laboratory, with additional endorsement in progress with IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand), New Zealand’s premier accreditation body. We’ve written about it in SEN but we’re keen to see it in the flesh. 

Class 5 IAS 0

Uniview is showing off a solution called the UNV Unicorn – a 2000-channel VMS server. This monster features a relatively sedate 512/384Mbps throughput, 16 HDD bays expandable to 48, management options and support for 100 online users at a time. 

We’ve never got a hands-on with Genetec Mission Control – it’s the second time it’s been at the show but there are enhancements – Mission Control is a situation awareness delivery mechanism we’re very keen to see. Suprema biometrics gear from NetDigital Security – Suprema has a range of nice readers and just released a new controller. Biometrics are on the up! 

FLIR Ariel 3MP corner camera

Mobotix M16 Thermal Radiometry camera. We like thermal cameras and with Mobotix well and truly hooked up to open platforms, it hard not be warm further to the company’s robust surveillance offerings. Teamed up with MxActivitySensor, thermal is a killer for serious surveillance applications. HID mobile access is not new but it’s been polished for a number of years and we’re keen to see how simple it is to apply to a mobile credential and subsequently use the device to drive a door. 

Sony SNC VB642D

Sony is showing its new Exmor R CMOS sensor in the SNC-VB642D. This camera is a robust and compact external bullet camera with integrated IR that looks like it would be at home in multiple applications. Sony new G6.5 range includes 4K and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing that. 

Ness is unveiling its D8x-Cellular panel – it sounds familiar but knowing Ness, there will be some automation up its sleeve. Bosch is showing cloud – we’ve heard about Bosch cloud but this sounds like it’s at another level, with Bosch seeking to support monitoring stations eager to offer video services to clients. 

The FLIR Cameleon Tactical system is designed to provide security and surveillance applications in a highly customizable and user-friendly environment. It’s designed to control any number and combination of analogue and IP devices from different manufacturers with point and click simplicity, ensuring retention of those costly investments in security and surveillance equipment.

X820 BX

The ALPHA-S Intelligent Eavesdropping Protection System from SWS is designed to combat the growing problem of electronic eavesdropping in government and corporate sectors, and wherever peace of mind from the risk of electronic bugging is required. The ALPHA-S monitors designated rooms 24/7, providing discrete notification when bugging activity is detected. 

Hikvision is showing an ANPR camera that helps security teams to systematically manage videos and locate individual vehicles, greatly accelerating post-event investigation. It also boasts an accuracy rating of 95 per cent and maintains this level of accuracy and night. In addition, consistent accuracy is achieved at speeds of up to 100 km/h. 

The attraction is not just the features but the price. Now anyone can identify vehicles on and around their site. Meanwhile, the Hikvision DarkFighterX is based on retina image, which independently process colour and brightness. It has innovative dual sensor design. One sensor is utilised for IR imaging that guarantees the image brightness and the other sensor for visible light that guarantees vivid colour. 

ATOM AR3S from Amaryllo International – this solution proactively recognizes faces, speaks, hears, and auto-tracks intruders in 360-degrees without the need for remote computers. This patented standalone robot meets stringent IP66 rating allowing ultimate protection to your properties rain or shine. Embedded with dual-core CPU, ATOM AR3S can decipher military-grade 256-bit encryption offering the highest privacy protection in the world.

Dahua is showing its X820 drone, which it says is ideal for unmanned monitoring of large areas. The Drone has GPS, a 4G Modem and a PTZ camera built into it which enables the drone to fly, record and transmit live footage back to the base station without any user intervention. We’re very eager to test this drone. Other new things from Dahua include the Dahua HAC-HF3805G HDCVI full body camera, which is capable of transmitting 4K images up to 500m over coaxial cable. Dahua’s off-grid solution is a solar-powered wireless transmission solution for CCTV applications. 

It has options to fit most outdoor requirements and can transmit up to 20kms by wireless with no mains power required. The Dahua kit is a complete remote camera installation with batteries, power controller, wireless transmission devices, brackets and solar panels.

FAAC J275HA Bollard

The FAAC J275HA Automatic retractable traffic bollard is designed for all areas in which many daily transits are expected, including commercial, industrial and urban restricted access areas. Worth a look in these troubled times. 

Something else to see is the FLIR Ariel 3MP Corner Camera, which features a unique form factor and extended FOV lens that provides ceiling-to-floor and wall-to-wall coverage with no blind spots. It delivers exceptional low-light performance due to extreme colour sensitivity and IR-illumination that is imperceptible to the human eye.

We are looking forward to seeing Kaspersky Lab’s Industrial CyberSecurity suite. These solutions provide security at all industrial layers — including SCADA servers, HMI panels, workstations, PLCs and network connections — from cyber-threats, without impacting on operational continuity and consistency of the technological process.♦


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