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NIST Splitting FRVT

NIST Splitting FRVT Evaluation Test.

NIST Splitting FRVT Evaluation Test Test.

NIST Splitting FRVT – NIST said it would split the highly regarded Face Recognition Vendor Test into 2 parts to better reflect the evolution of face recognition technology.

FRVT will be replaced with the Face Recognition Technology Evaluation (FRTE) and the Face Analysis Technology Evaluation (FATE), with the tracks of the former FRVT split between them.

Face Recognition Vendor Test is a program funded by the United States that judges facial recognition biometrics algorithms available to private and public entities in the nation. It is voluntary and open to anyone, anywhere.

The test program has grown since 1994 to test numerous angles on the facial recognition theme, including face mask effects, demographic (including race and gender) effects, and face morphing.

NIST Splitting FRVT Evaluation Test

The FRTE includes the one-to-one and one-to-many algorithm accuracy evaluations, as well as a multimodal evaluation of face and iris biometrics and a twins demonstration. The API for the multimodal and twins track were released earlier this year, and a concept document is also available.

NIST Splitting FRVT
NIST Splitting FRVT 3

Meanwhile, FATE comprises tracks dedicated to the processing and analysis of facial images. These include evaluations of morph detection algorithms, quality assessment, a second assessment track for specific image defect detection, presentation attack detection and age estimation.

The separation of the former FRVT is explained as a natural evolution following the expansion of the former FRVT program to include analytical tools beyond the scope of biometric recognition – tools that assist with age estimation and emotion detection technologies integrated with face recognition.

You can find out more about FRTE and FATE here or read more SEN news here.

“NIST Splitting FRVT Evaluation Test.”

NIST Splitting FRVT
NIST Splitting FRVT into FRTE and FATE.


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