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Nx Witness v4.2 – Available Now from Network Optix

Nx Witness v4.2 is an iterative release of Nx Witness VMS that offers 8 new features and improvements focused on 2 primary objectives: improving desktop client performance and usability and enhancing Nx cloud system management capabilities.

“The new features in Nx Witness v4.2 are a pretty good indication of where we’re headed as a company,” said Tony Luce of Network Optix. “We’re all about improving usability and performance for thick client applications and we’re extending our cloud capabilities for companies that want to offer VSaaS solutions to their customers.”

Nx Witness 4.2 brings 4 new and exciting features to the Nx Witness desktop client including redesigned PTZ controls, IntelQuick sync video, new fisheye lens de-warp options, and more in-camera analytics support. These new additions were designed to deliver improved system functionality and operator usability to the offline management of systems in Nx Witness Desktop and are another step in Network Optix’s effort to enhance system control and analytics capabilities for desktop users.

Starting with the Nx Witness desktop client for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu Linux users Nx Witness v4.2 offers redesigned PTZ controls – a new and improved way to control PTZ cameras that improves usability and visibility, making them ideal for use in high latency situations and in systems with cameras that do not support advanced PTZ.


The new click, drag, and release control makes it easier for operators to control PTZ cameras in higher latency situations while the ability to activate advanced PTZ controls with the press of the SHIFT key allows operators to quickly switch to advanced PTZ control in systems with cameras that support it. Additionally, the new option to disable AIM overlay enhances operator visibility while operating PTZ cameras.

Next up there is Intel Quick Sync video decoding. This feature is all about improving the desktop client’s speed and performance using the dedicated media processing capabilities of Intel graphics technology to decode and encode video. Systems with low-power hardware can now enable the Intel Quick Sync feature to lower the system’s CPU usage, making the system run more efficiently. The Intel Quick Sync feature allows for the decoding of very high resolution (16MP, 32MP) cameras and streams, making the operating computer run much more swiftly and greatly decreasing the risk of hardware failure.

Not to be discounted are also new fisheye lens dewarping options that allow operators to improve the precision of individual fisheye cameras in a system. Operators can now choose between equisolid, equidistant, and stereographic projection modes to best suit the fisheye lens cameras in their system and give them the best live and recorded video playback.


Finally on the desktop/server side Nx Witness continues to add more in-camera analytics support that allows users to capture and view object metadata/events for automation in the Nx Witness rules engine. New advanced in-camera analytics plugins have been introduced for five more camera manufacturers including Bosch, Vivotek, Dahua, Hikvision, and Provision.

“Standardizing the way that Nx Witness interacts with AI-powered in-camera video analytics – namely to bring in objects that are detected with associated metadata tags and store that metadata right next to video – makes it easy for customers to choose cameras from leading IP camera manufacturers but keep a consistent user experience,” says Luce.

“It’s a huge advantage that Nx Witness has over other VMS offerings out there and capabilities related to bringing in metadata and making it searchable is something we’re heavily focused on at Nx. Metadata captured from video is going to revolutionize many aspects of how companies use surveillance systems to not only mitigate security threats, but also provide actionable business insights to functions outside of security.”

New Cloud Capabilities – A Focus on VSaaS

Beyond the extensive offline capabilities included in Nx Witness v4.2, 4 new Nx Cloud Management settings features have been introduced. These features were designed to give operators more granular control of cloud-connected Nx Witness systems and devices than ever before.

They’re a great addition for managed service providers, systems integrators, and end-users who manage a large number of cloud-connected Nx Witness systems and are part of a continual effort by Network Optix to make it easier for Powered by Nx products to offer comprehensive video surveillance as a service feature set.

The new camera settings feature gives users with appropriate rights the ability to modify a camera’s orientation and audio settings, adjust motion detection sensitivity, and authenticate devices easily and efficiently.


The new server settings feature allows users with the appropriate rights to rename Servers, change Server port settings, and restart unresponsive servers in seconds from the cloud.

The new licenses settings feature allows system owners and administrators to view a system’s current licenses and activate new licenses easily in the Nx Witness cloud interface.

The new users Settings feature allows system administrators to add and delete local users, assign and re-assign user roles, and manage user login credentials all from a single location in the Nx Witness cloud interface.

The additions to the Nx Witness cloud interface introduced in Nx Witness v4.2 make it easier than ever to view and manage systems with multiple servers and devices from anywhere.

“More and more integrators and end-users see the value of a OPEX vs a CAPEX approach to implementing and maintaining their VMS,” says Luce. “Nx is aware of this and is actively pushing the product towards satisfying this market-driven need.”

Try Nx Witness v4.2 – for free – get started by downloading it now from My Nx or Nx Cloud.


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