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NZ Dept of Corrections ESAS

NZ Dept of Corrections ESAS

NZ Dept of Corrections ESAS – New Zealand’s Department of Corrections is seeking electronic security solutions for its custodial and non-custodial facilities.

The department defines ESAS as electronic security and associated systems (ESAS), which comprises the electronic components and systems built into a facility designed to provide control, monitoring, and surveillance capability for security purposes.

The Department of Corrections is one of New Zealand’s largest users of integrated ESAS. It says electronic security has a profound effect on the operations of prisons, in particular, their staffing levels and dispositions, safety and security and physical designs.

A typical Department of Correction ESAS installation may include:

* Security management system
* Data networks/data storage
* Closed circuit television system
* Cell call, intercom
* Public address system
* Contraband management
* Key issue system
* Guard tour system
* Systems security appliances
* Locking control systems
* Door and lift control
* Positional/fixed duress system
* Perimeter detection systems
* Monitoring and alarm systems
* Card access/identity management
* Contraband detection
* Power backup systems.

According to the department, ESAS is a business-critical enabler for work at custodial (prisons) and con-custodial (community sites and regional offices), where these services are fundamental to the safety and wellbeing of people.

For the first stage of a 2-stage procurement process, through this registration of interest (ROI) respondents will be able to submit for 1, 2 or all 3 of these ESAS service towers:

* Custodial – Projects
* Custodial – Service and Maintenance
* Non-Custodial – Projects, Service and Maintenance

The purpose of the Electronic Security and Associated Systems (ESAS) registration of interest (ROI) is to engage the market for both Custodial and Non-Custodial environments. The Department will then evaluate, score, and rank the responses.

The next steps will involve shortlisting respondents for a closed request for proposal(s) for both or either custodial and non-custodial environments; or direct source of a provider for either or both custodial and non-Custodial environments; or progress with other activities as determined through revised procurement planning.

This ROI closes on December 12 – you can find out more here.

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John Adamshttps://sen.news
A professional writer and editor who has been covering the security industry since 1991, John is passionate about clever applications of technology and the fusion of sensing and networking. A capable photographer John enjoys undertaking practical reviews of the latest electronic security systems.


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