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ONVIF Hits 20,000 IP Security Products

ONVIF reports that more than 20,000 products now conform to its interoperability specifications, making integration easier and less expensive.

This milestone means that security or facility personnel in retail, transportation, manufacturing, utilities and any other environment can choose from these 20,000 products to easily build an integrated security and surveillance system with the knowledge that these products are already compatible, regardless of manufacturer.

ONVIF interoperability specifications enable IP video and access control equipment from different vendors – such as IP cameras, network video recorders, video management software and facility access control technology to seamlessly work with one another if the technology is conformant to the same ONVIF profile. This vastly increases freedom of choice, eliminates vendor lock-in and allows end users to grow and upgrade systems as needs change.

The number of conformant products has doubled in just a few years – ONVIF surpassed 10,000 products in 2018.



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