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OPTEX FlipX Internal Sensor

OPTEX FlipX Internal Sensor

♦ OPTEX FlipX Internal Sensor – OPTEX FlipX is a new range of flexible indoor sensors fitted with a bespoke pyroelectric sensor for increased performance that ‘adapts to the human shape’, as well as a unique lens that can be flipped by the installer to provide both narrow and wide detection from a single sensor.

By rotating the lens through 180 degrees, the sensor can be used to protect narrow or long area such as a hallway up to 18m, or a wide, open area like a living room or retail store up to 12m at 85 degrees.

FlipX Standard, the first sensor to be released from the new series, is a Grade 2 sensor that also features a digitally enhanced signal recognition logic called super multi-dimensional analysis (SMDA), which means alarms caused by changes of light or temperature can be avoided.

FlipX sensors feature a sleek and compact design, with flexible mounting height options (between 2-3m) meaning they seamlessly blend into the aesthetics of residential environments, as well as buildings with higher ceilings. An optional bracket means the sensor can be mounted on wall or ceiling.

FlipX Standard is available as a PIR model – FLX-S-ST – and for more challenging indoor environments there’s a dual-technology (PIR and microwave) model – FLX-S-DT. OPTEX’s robust microwave module ensures durability of the sensor in challenging environments, particularly humid climates, and when higher levels of capture performance demand tailoring the microwave to the IR detection area.

FlipX is currently available in AMEA and OPTEX plans to release other models in the FlipX series in late 2022/ early 2023 – ANZ availability enquiries should be directed to local distributors. You can see more here.

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