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Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready

Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready With PowerG From DSC.

Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready With PowerG From DSC.

Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready – Optex PE Beam battery-operated is now wireless ready with PowerG from BGW Technologies.

“Last year we introduced security installers to the Optex short range photoelectric (PE) detectors – Optex OPXAX-200TF/TFR,” explains Stanley El Komala, senior product manager intrusion at BGW Technologies.

“Offering the first line of defence by adding a boundary or perimeter to increase the effectiveness of a security solution, the OPXAX-200TF requires hardwiring, but the OPXAX-200TFR which offers similar features to the OPXAX-200TF, is powered by lithium batteries (power source 2x 3.6DC/13AH for transmitter and 2x 3.6VDC/13AH for receiver and current draw about 810 µA), allowing for perimeter protection to be installed in locations where mains power is not available.”

Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready

According to El Komala, while the Optex PE with PowerG on board is only available in the US, recognising the value of this solution to the local market, the BGW Technologies’ team has created a kit that matches the functionality of the US model.

“The set up involves adding the OPXBCU-5 for the battery common unit to share power between PE Beam and also the DSC PowerG Transmitter (DSCPG4945),” El Komala says. “By pairing the Optex wireless beams with the DSC transmitter it can be used on DSC PowerSeries Neo or Qolsys IQ Panel 4 (QOLIQP4021).

Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready 1 LR
Optex PE Beam wireless ready.

“There is also a BYO transmitter option if looking to pair it with another brand wireless panel. The integration makes this a market-leading perimeter detection using active infrared technology (Photoelectric beams) enhanced by the range of PowerG wireless.”

Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready

There are plenty of good reasons to install wireless AIRs beams, according to BGW Technologies state manager NSW, Graham Clark.

“The nice thing about the wireless beam combo is that you can deploy beams on a perimeter or gate without trenching/cabling out to it plus the battery life is a very respectable at 3-5 years,” Clark says.

“By incorporating the OPXAX-200TFR detector with the OPXBCU-5 unit, users can achieve unparalleled security for their premises. The system’s ability to detect intrusions with precision and accuracy ensures that any unauthorised entry is promptly identified, alerting security personnel in real-time.”

To learn more about battery-operated and wireless-ready Optex PE Beams contact your local BGW Technology team here – there’s more SEN news here.

Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready Benefits

  • Battery Operated PE Beams with low current draw and battery sharing with DSC PowerG Transmitter DSCPG4945.
  • Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology – to overcome frequency blocking and interference
  • Adaptive transmission power – for battery life preservation
  • High transmission ranges – for reliable communication
  • TDMA-synchronized communication technology – to prevent message collisions
  • 2-Way 128-bit AES encryption – for high-level protection against analysis tools and digital attacks.

“Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready With PowerG From DSC.”

Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready 2 LR
Optex PE Beam Wireless Ready.
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