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Optex Redwall IP Detectors

Harnessing a variety of proven infrared, laser and fibre optic technologies, the new Redwall IP detector range can offer a complete detection solution for a variety of external perimeter security applications especially where those applications need to be integrated with either existing or new IP CCTV, or physical security information management (PSIM) systems.
Redwall IP detectors exchange alarm signal information generated by an intruder’s movement or any specific type of object and other critical information relating to detection via IP protocol. The event triggered can then be used to control IP cameras for automatic tracking of intruders or objects movement through the detection zones, or for alarm management on video management software. 
To ease the deployment and cut down on the wiring, all Redwall IP detectors can be powered over Ethernet (PoE). Contact DAS to find out when the new sensor is available locally. 
Distributor: DAS
Contact: 61 2 9897 7722


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