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Optex Short Range Photoelectric Detectors

Optex Short Range Photoelectric Detectors From BGW Technologies.

Optex Short Range Photoelectric Detectors From BGW Technologies.

Optex Short Range Photoelectric Detectors – Optex OPXAX-200TF/TFR short range compact photoelectric detectors are durable and offer stable and reliable detection performance.

According to BGW Technologies’ Stanley El Komala, when it comes to installing a security system, detectors are positioned inside a building and the monitoring station is alerted if an intruder is detected.

“So often, the perimeter, that first line of defence is overlooked,” El Komala said. “Adding surveillance to the perimeter or boundary of the property can increase the effectiveness of a security system.

“The OPXAX-200TF has been purpose built to withstand severe environments and challenging weather conditions, and the optical pitch has been specifically designed to recognise and accommodate accidental interruptions.

“This helps to save time wasted due to false alarms from simple everyday things like leaves falling and birds passing through the beams.”

The hardwired detector, the OPXAX-200TF requires an input power supply 10.5-28VDC with maximum current consumption of 48mA (transmitter and receiver), and offers a detection range of up to 60 metres.

“This solution can be installed either via a wall or pole mount, but I especially like the battery option,” El Komala said.

“Where the hardwired detector is not suitable for the application, Optex also offer the OPXAX-200TFR, which has similar features to the OPXAX-200TF and is powered by lithium batteries (power source with 2x 3.6VDC/13AH for transmitter and 2x 3.6VDC/13AH for receiver and current draw about 810 µA), allowing for perimeter protection to be installed in locations where mains power is not available.”

Optex Short Range Photoelectric Detector Kits

According to El Komala, BGWT has 2 Optex short range photoelectric kits available.

“The OPXAX-200TFRD includes the 4x batteries plus 2x DSC Neo transmitters and 2x BCU units, while the OPXAX-200TFR-BYOTX includes the 4x batteries plus and 2x BCU units (BYO transmitter),” he explains.

“These wireless perimeter detection systems are a great solution – I am constantly surprised how many sites demanding perimeter protection simply have no access to power.

“Flexible in its design and application, the OPXAX-200TFR can also be paired with numerous compatible wireless transmitters such as the DSCPG4945 – PowerG D/W Sensor with hardwired input terminal, with BYO transmitters, or with OPXBCU-5 battery common unit.

“Plus, the OPXBCU-5 allows the OPXAX-200TFR and the wireless transmitter to share the power source and monitor low battery signals, so there is no need for another wireless transmitter to monitor low battery signal,” El Komalan said.

To learn more about the Optex Short Range Photoelectric Detector or other Optex products, and how BGW Technologies can help you with your next project, get in touch with our team at your local BGW Technologies branch. ‘We are always here to help’, added El Komala.

BGW Technologies is an Australian, family-owned distributor of security products with branches across Australia – you can find out more about Optex from BGW Technologies here, or read more SEN news here.

Optex Short Range Photoelectric Features:

  • IP65 with high sealing rubber packing
  • Anti-frost hood cover
  • Lightning protection
  • Easy angle adjustment
  • High grade spherical lens
  • AGC (automatic gain control) circuit to maintain a suitable signal amplitude at its output
  • 99 per cent beam blocking stability
  • Adjustable beam interruption period
  • Selectable 4-channels beam frequencies, for long distance stacking or 2 beams long distance
  • DQ (environmental disqualification) circuit
  • 4-step alarm indicator LED for fast & accurate optical alignment.

“Optex Short Range Photoelectric Detectors From BGW Technologies.”

Optex Short Range Photoelectric Detectors 2 LR
Optex short range photoelectric detectors from BGW Technologies.

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