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Wangaratta Seeks Mobile Duress

Wangaratta Seeks Mobile Duress Alarm System.

Wangaratta Seeks Mobile Duress Alarm System.

Wangaratta Seeks Mobile Duress – Rural City of Wangaratta is seeking provision of a personal mobile duress alarm system.

The Rural City of Wangaratta (RCoW) Council is situated in Northeast Victoria and services rural communities within the municipality including Wangaratta, Moyhu, Eldorado, Whitfield and the King Valley regions.

RCoW teams work in the delivery of diverse services across municipality communities. Services such as health, home care, compliance, asset-checking, and emergency response are often carried out by staff who are at times required to work alone. Public facing staff can also be exposed to hostily and can have difficulty alerting others for assistance.

Wangaratta Seeks Mobile Duress 5 LR
Wangaratta seeks mobile duress solution.

RCoW has looked at the types of solutions available and through robust consultation and position review has decided that a stand-alone Personal Mobile Duress Alarm (PMDA) as a dedicated duress solution suits the organisation best.

Wangaratta Seeks Mobile Duress

RCoW has identified that PMDA’s can assist as a risk control measure for managing the safety of our staff and community. PMDAs are intended to support staff to gain fast, simple, reliable, discreet, and effective assistance in an emergency or security incident location, along with providing them an ability to check-in when commencing work.

RCoW has also assessed that the most practical way to manage the PMDA operations is by the monitoring of the PMDAs through a dedicated 24/7 security control room.

There’s not long to go on this tender – it expires on August 7 – you can find out more and apply here, or you can read more SEN news here.

“Wangaratta Seeks Mobile Duress Alarm System.”

Wangaratta Seeks Mobile Duress 3 LR
Wangaratta seeks mobile duress for workers in remote locations.


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