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Milesight BX108-A AI Box

Milesight BX108-A AI Box Released.

Milesight BX108-A AI Box Released.

Milesight BX108-A AI Box – Milesight has released its news BX108-A AI box, which features embedded processing, a Linux OS, up to 4K resolution processing capability and smart functions.

This is a clever unit that offers a wide range of AI functionalities across 8 channels, including face capture, face recognition, face attributes, human body capture, human attributes, face-human binding.

There’s list control and identification of key personnel, alarm, stranger identification, and more, and a face library capacity of 64 face libraries containing a database of up to 300,000 faces.

Alarm events include perimeter alarm across 8 channels with multiple sub rules per channel – perimeter events including park, exit, wander, over wall, intrusion, tripwire and climb.

Milesight BX108-A AI Box Released

Behavioural alarms can also be applied on all channels with 4 sub-rules per channel, including fall, smoke, call, watch phone, run, sleep, on/off duty, gather, fight, person over, person less and hold weapon.

Then there are goods alarm options across 8 channels with 2 sub-rules per channel, including sundry stack, goods guard goods forget. The headcount alarm can also be applied across 8 channels with 2 sub-rules and supports head count, cross line.

Accuracy is claimed to be high – face capture rate is 99 per cent, recognition pass rate: >99.5 per cent, human body capture rate 95 cent, motor vehicle capture rate is 90 per cent, and non-motor vehicle capture rate is 95 per cent.

You can find out more about Milesight AI box here, contact a local supplier, or read more SEN news here.

Milesight BX108-A AI Box Features:

Interface Parameters Network Interface 2
100M/1000M adaptive Ethernet
RJ45 interface Alarm Input Interface 4-way switch
Alarm Output Interface 4-way switch
Audio Output 1-way
Audio Input 1-way
Front USB Interface 1 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB 3.0
Rear USB Interface 2 x USB 2.0
RS485 2-way
Operating Temperature -30 to 70C
Other Power Supply DC12V±10%, 3.33A
Dimensions (L/D) 229 x 193 x 49mm
Weight 1.96kg
12-month warranty.

“Milesight BX108-A AI Box Released.”

Milesight BX108 A AI Box 3 LR
Milesight BX108-A AI box released.
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