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PacomS Rtu Means Keyboards Power Security Systems

The RTUSignal application enables users to configure a series of keystrokes or hot-keys on any Windows-based PC keyboard. This allows users to perform a variety of security functions from the convenience of their Windows PC. For example, pressing a combination of ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt, and ‘A’ buttons can be configured to immediately transmit a duress alarm to a central station. Similarly, another sequence of hot-keys could unlock a door, trigger a CCTV camera to start recording and even send a text message to a cellular device. These hot-keys are transmitted via the customer’s LAN/WAN to one of Pacom’s intelligent control panels, which is programmed to respond in the appropriate way. Pacom’s advanced high level ASCII interface enables the RTUSignal application to transmit alarms via the network and be received by the appropriate control panel. Once enabled, each Pacom control panel can simultaneously support up to 16 RTUSignal applications. The RTU Signal runs as a background task and is discreetly disguised in the system tray. For added security, all alarm data is encrypted to NIST standards to prevent tampering, and password authentication is required by the application whenever configuration changes are required. “Pacom was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan for its product innovation and ability to successfully partner with all types of third-party security companies to deliver value to its customers,” said Andrew Minnikin, President of Pacom Systems North America. “The beauty of RTUSignal is the ability to activate an event from the convenience of a local PC. In addition to offering a discreet way to transmit duress alarms, we believe another major application is the remote unlocking of a door in a commercial environment when a visitor is identified and requires entry. “The RTUSignal application is yet another example of the leading-edge technology that Pacom continues to introduce into the security marketplace.”


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