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Paradox IP150-V4 Plug and Play Internet Comms Module from CSD

Paradox’s new IP150-V4 is a plug and play internet communication module that utilises the new Paradox Swan server and no longer requires port forwarding.

It is compatible with Spectra, Magellan and EVO control panels and enables you to control and monitor your Paradox security system remotely via the new free Insite Gold App, which supports unlimited number of sites and a low yearly subscription cost.

The IP150-V4 has all the standard features such as reviewing alarm events, history log, troubles, bypass zones, activating PGM’s and two new features, ACM12 access door control and selectable push notifications for both IOS and Android phones. The IP150-V4 is a great, user friendly module for many installations.

Distributor: CSD
Contact: 1300 319 499 Website: csd.com.au


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