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Paradox NV35M Series Detector

PARADOX NV35M Series Detector from CSD is designed to provide a superior indoor or outdoor solution for applications such as windows and sliding doors. 

The series is optimised to discriminate between false alarms triggered by small birds, cats and dogs giving it a unique niche in the market. 

The detector features 2 operation modes. The first is pet immune mode, which is ideally suited for outdoor windows and sliding doors. For indoor applications, this can be switched off to provide sharp mode protection with dual verification detection. 

There are wireless and hardwired models available and each comes standard with a range of additional features including active anti-masking technology and creep detection to secure the area directly below the detector. 

According to CSD, Paradox’s NV35M series will provide unparalleled detection for your next install.

Distributor: Central Security Distribution 
Contact: 1300 319 499


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