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PiximS Orca Integrated For Low Light

Pixim, Incorporated’s patented Digital Pixel System (DPS) technology coupled with Sunex’s new Day/Night Exchanger offers a low power latching solenoid design to achieve superior low-light and wide dynamic range (WDR) performance for Day/Night surveillance cameras.

Pixim’s chipsets provide accurate data for identifying perpetrators and increasing the accuracy of video analytics, a key future technology for the security industry. Depending upon the OEM’s design, Pixim chipset-enabled cameras have the flexibility to be integrated into any system, IP or CCTV.

In addition to delivering excellent low light performance with a minimum illumination of under 0.01 lux in black and white mode, Pixim chipsets features include natural color rendition during daytime, wide dynamic range (120dB max), a progressive scan imager with global shutter that minimizes motion artifacts, and high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) even at high temperature.

The Sunex Miniature Day/Night Exchanger (M12-EXM-IRC21) is an IR cut-off filter with an integrated M12 x 0.5 threaded board lens mount customized for Pixim’s DPS chipsets. An absorptive blue-glass filter optimizes for true color rendition during daytime operation.

At night or in any low-light conditions, an anti-reflection (AR) coated window allows maximum light transmission. A latching solenoid requires power only to switch filters, minimizing power consumption. The Orca chipset solution allows the camera OEM to adjust transition lighting levels and hysteresis to best adapt to specific application requirements.

Customers shipping Pixim chipsets in their security camera products include Baxall, CIEFFE, Dallmeier electronic, EverFocus, Tyco Fire & Security, GE Security, General Solutions, Honeywell, Ikegami, Pelco, Sunell, JVC, ChipER, Eagle Technology, Videor Technical, Smartvue, Verint, Electronics Line USA, and DongYang Unitech.


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