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Prescient DN4 Access Controller by NIDAC

NIDAC DN4 Access Controller With Prescient UI.

NIDAC DN4 Access Controller With Prescient UI.

Prescient DN4 Access Controller by NIDAC – The DN4 is a 4-door networked access controller with large scale capabilities, mesh network architecture and a modern, easy to navigate user interface.

Powered by a next-gen CM4 SoC, the DN4 is a modern access control solution with room for future innovation including OSDP and NIDAC Expansion Bus devices.

Mesh network architecture ensures robust operation – as long as at least 1 device on the mesh remains powered, overall system integrity is maintained.

The DN4 is designed with an installer-friendly focus for quick and easily scalable installation, setup time per-device reduces significantly with larger installations.

Prescient DN4 Access Controller by NIDAC
Prescient DN4 Access Controller by NIDAC.

NIDAC’s intuitive Prescient user interface allows seamless management of your site and offers full audit logs, anti passback, powerful scheduling engine and a data format library.

With local Australian development, support and regular software/firmware updates, further innovation of the DN4 is ongoing with the NIDAC team continually collaborating with Integrators and Distributors to further enhance Prescient’s capabilities.

The DN4 controller is Australian designed and manufactured. It is compatible with NIDAC Prove and all Wiegand peripherals. Each unit is factory tested and is locally supported with a 5-year warranty.

You can contact NIDAC for more information about the new DN4 here or read more SEN news here.

Prescient DN4 Access Controller by NIDAC Specifications

  • Dimensions are 195mm x 107mm x 31mm
  • Power is 11.5 – 14.5V D.C. @ 1A
  • On-board CM4 SoC
  • Industry standard connectors
  • NIDAC peripheral bus
  • No jumpers to configure reader devices
  • Supports up to 128 doors when networked
  • Optimised for 50,000 users.

“Prescient DN4 Access Controller by NIDAC”


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